Infrastructure Pathways would not have been made possible without the contributions of the collaborative members of the infrastructure community. Climate change impacts all of the global society that we live in, the time to act is now to ensure that we all live in a equitable society that meets both ours and the natural environment needs.

The International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure, The Resilience Shift and Arup would like to thank the following colleagues for their time, support and expertise.

Project Team

Thank you to the following individuals have worked tirelessly for the last year to pull together the Infrastructure Pathways Platform.

  • Áine Nibhreasail – Chapter Lead (Arup)
  • Akshaya Kannan – Chapter Author (Arup)
  • Ayisha Paw – Chapter Author (Arup)
  • Chris Freakes – Chapter Author (Arup)
  • Dave Hall – Website Design (The Resilience Shift)
  • James Bodnar-Horvath – Project Manager (The Resilience Shift)
  • Jessica Fontaine – Chapter Author (University College London)
  • Louis Andrews – Chapter Author (Arup)
  • Oliver Pritchard – Chapter Lead (Arup)
  • Rebecca Laberenne – Technical Lead (The Resilience Shift)
  • Roman Svidran – Graphic Design (The Resilience Shift)
  • Savina Carluccio – Project Director (International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure)

Steering Committee

Thank you to the following colleagues have guided the project team and helped shape the direction of the initiative.

  • Brooks Preston (Macquarie Infrastructure)
  • Dr Juliet Mian (Resilience Shift)
  • Michael Berkowitz (Resilient Cities Catalyst)
  • Michael Mullan (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)
  • Marc Forni (The World Bank)
  • Michael Sanio (American Society of Civil Engineers)

Technical Panel

Thank you to the following colleagues who have peer reviewed and help develop the technical content.

  • Alex Mauroner (AGWA)
  • Alister Harwood (Arup)
  • Ann Cousins (Arup)
  • Breanna Gribble (STV Group)
  • Colette Curran (Arup)
  • Danilo Cancado (Global Centre on Adaptation)
  • Dima Zogheib (Arup)
  • Dr Tom Dolan (UKCRIC/UCL)
  • Gregory Vaughn Morris (Arup)
  • Hafiz Lawal (Global Centre on Adaptation)
  • Igor Linkov (US Army Engineer Research and Development Centre)
  • Jennifer Ninete (HDR)
  • Kaitlin Shilling (Arup)
  • Lisa Horrocks (Arup)
  • Luke Bertini (Arup)
  • Peter Hall (Wood PLC)
  • Richard Sharp (Arup)
  • Robert Fields (STV Group)
  • Tom Hughes (National Infrastructure Commission)

User Panel

Thank you to the following colleagues who have helped develop the content of the platform.

  • Aneurin Hughes (Cardno)
  • Angelo Mussi (Arup)
  • Christine Shepherd Vermeulen (Rebel Group)
  • Chua Ming Yew (Arup)
  • Dr Tom Dolan (UKCRIC and University College London)
  • Ginger Garte (Lloyd’s Register)
  • Grant Ivison-Lane (HDR Engineering)
  • Haibo Chen (Lloyd’s Register Foundation)
  • Harsh Saraswat (Arup)
  • Iftekhar Ahmed (United Nations Office for Project Services)
  • James Codd (National Highways)
  • John Dora (Climate Sense and Infrastructure Operators’ Adaptation Forum)
  • Kevin McPherson (TRL)
  • Kleoniki Theodoridou (University College London)
  • Miriam MacLennan (Network Rail)
  • Nandita Tigga (Nandita)
  • Niek Veraart (Michael Baker International)
  • Peter GUTHRIE (University of Cambridge)
  • Robin Workman (TRL)
  • Sandra Diaz (United Nations Office for Project Services)
  • Stefan Kohler (United Nations Office for Project Services)
  • Veronica Cassatella (Global Infrastructure Basel)
  • Victoria Evans (HDR Engineering)
  • Xianfu Lu (Climate Investment Funds)
  • Yomi Ogedegbe (Kairos&Saige)

Use Case Pathways

Nature Based Solutions


Ayisha Paw, Civil Engineer, Arup

Danilo Cançado, Program Officer Green Infrastructure, Global Center on Adaptation (GCA)


Liesbeth Casier, Senior Policy Advisory, International Institute Sustainable Development (IISD)

Anika Terton, Policy Advisor, International Institute Sustainable Development (IISD)

Daniela Rizzi, Senior Officer for Nature-based Solutions and Biodiversity, Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI)

Philipp LaHaela Walter, Senior Officer Biodiversity and Green Infrastructure, Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI)

Robyn Haggis, Consultant

Peter Holt, Senior Engineer, Arup

Andrew Chalmers, Associate Director, Arup

Simon Green, Associate Director, Arup