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Guidance Global Infrastructure Hub

The Role of Infrastructure in the Circular Economy

Guidance Urban Nature Labs

Performance and Impact Monitoring of Nature-Based Solutions

Guidance UK Green Building Council

Principles for delivering urban Nature-based Solutions.

Principle 53.

Guidance ISO

ISO 37101:2016 Sustainable development in communities: Management system for sustainable development

Requirements with guidance for use (Chapter 6)

Best Practice United States Environmental Protection Agency

Operation and Maintenance Considerations for Green Infrastructure

Guidance Arup

Cirecl E: from Decommissioning to Regeneration

In this report, Arup evaluate some of ways in which Circular Economy principles can be applied to the decommissioning of existing Energy Power plants, exploring the social, economic, and environmental benefits this creates for the local communities and surrounding areas. It explores the applications that Circular Economy principles can have in the design and operation of new power plants.

Guidance Curtin University

Developing Policies for the end-of-life of energy infrastructure: coming to terms with the challenges of decommissioning.

This paper introduces the magnitude and variety of net-positive end-of-life challenges to encourage the development of reasonable policies for current and future decommissioning projects. The paper provides the basis for the interdisciplinary thinking required to deliver an integrated decommissioning policy that incorporates circular economy principles to maximize value throughout the lifecycle of energy infrastructure.

Guidance US AID

Climate resilient Development: A Framework for Understanding and Addressing Climate Change

Sets out a high-level framework for climate resilience and infrastructure development, including design. Sector-specific guidance is also available which applies this framework.