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Guidance European Commission

Public procurement of nature-based solutions

Guidance European Commission

Evaluating the impact of nature-based solutions

Chapters Three and Four.

Guidance European Commission

Chapter 4 of The solution is in nature

Guidance European Commission

Climate change adaptation of major infrastructure projects: A stock-taking of available resources to assist the development of climate resilient infrastructure

This study reviewed the availability of resource materials that can support developers to integrate climate change adaptation into infrastructure projects. It provides a summary of available resources that contribute to the preparedness of all EU Member States with regards to applying the climate change requirements of the EuropeanStructural and Investment Funds programming period 2014-2020. It also identifies some of the ongoing good practices of Member States in adapting to climate change

Guidance European Commission

Technical guidance on the climate proofing of infrastructure in the period 2021-2027

This report by the European Commission is intended to provide technical guidance on climate proofing infrastructure. Chapter 4 provides recommendations on climate proofing across the project lifecycle, including construction. Annexes C and D also provide further considerations for climate proofing infrastructure during the construction phase.