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Guidance Procedia Engineering

Improving Socially Sustainable Design and Construction in Developing Countries

This document is relevant for construction projects in an international development context and provides clear recommendations to build sustainably and to ensure successful implementation and adoption. The recommendations can be applied to buildings as well as infrastructure.

Guidance UNEP

A Practical Guide to Climate-resilient Buildings & Communities.

This UNEP document focusses on design; however, the conclusion of this report includes a list of questions that a contractor can use to assess whether climate resilience has been considered. It can be included in on-site quality control documentation.

Guidance European Commission

Technical guidance on the climate proofing of infrastructure in the period 2021-2027

This report by the European Commission is intended to provide technical guidance on climate proofing infrastructure. Chapter 4 provides recommendations on climate proofing across the project lifecycle, including construction. Annexes C and D also provide further considerations for climate proofing infrastructure during the construction phase.

Guidance Canadian Construction Association

Strength, Resilience, Sustainability

This report has been prepared by the Canadian Construction Association and includes recommendations for the Government to adapt to climate change with respect to infrastructure investment. This report is an example of how the construction industry has come together to leverage their influence to promote climate adaptation and resilience.