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Guidance World Bank

Lifelines: The Resilient Infrastructure Opportunity

Building on practical examples and relevant literature, Lifelines provides a framework for assessing and strengthening the resilience of infrastructure to natural shocks. The report offers policy- and decision-makers, as well as other relevant stakeholders, five recommendations and actionable tasks to improve resilience.

Guidance World Bank

The Adaptation Principles: A Guide for Designing Strategies for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience

The Adaptation Principles, produced for the World Bank, offer guidance on effective climate change adaptation, through effective adaptation strategies at the national level. Using tools and actions to guide the design, implementation and monitoring of strategies, the guide offers insight into needs identification and prioritization.

Guidance UNDP

Paving the Way for Climate-Resilient Infrastructure, San Salvador: United Nations Development Programme

Based on the outcome of the Conference on Strategies for Adapting Public and Private Infrastructure to Climate Change (El Salvador, 2010), this guidance document provides policy- and decision-makers in developing countries with insights into the benefits of making infrastructure resilient to climate change. It guides relevant government actors on the design and implementation of actions to address climate change, reduce risks and reduce poverty.

Guidance OECD

Climate-resilient infrastructure: Getting the policies right

Vallejo & Mullan’s OECD Environmental Working Paper outlines a framework for national policy- and decision-makers. The framework provides guidance aimed at ensuring new and existing infrastructure is resilient to the changing climate.